I received the following email in late April, 1999:

I have immortalized Ruby the Knish Man in my movie, A WALK ON THE MOON, set
in the Catskills the summer of '69. I do not actually say his name is Ruby
(and there's a reason for that; my main character's name is "Pearl" and I
thought it would seem contrived), but just so you and all your Ruby fans know
-- when Julie Kavner announces over the P.A. system, "The Knish Man is on the
Premises," I meant it to refer to the one and only Ruby. I had square potato
knishes brought to the set in Canada (by my parents) for a scene in the
parking lot where everyone has a Ruby's knish. I'm thrilled to see that
there is a whole web site devoted to Ruby!

In Knishhood,

Pamela Gray
A Walk on the Moon

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